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Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Review

February 5th, 2018 · No Comments · Latest News, Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault, Rent, Review of Ontario Landlords Association Membership, Tenants marijuana

Review of Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Help for landlords

Created by expert landlords and property managers the Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault is an important resource to help Ontario Landlords Succeed in a difficult environment

Mississauga landlords know how touch it can be a land these days.  Sure we have had some past successes such as getting rid of the expensive landlord licensing program. We all remember that stressful time when the City of Mississauga was demanding huge fees from us and the whole situation has thankfully blown over. Even with the Mississauga landlord license situation gone, landlords still have a huge amount of challenges in Ontario because the laws aren’t fair and balanced.

Bad Tenants Who Abuse The System

It seem like every week we read or hear about yet another story of a bad tenant causing landlords a lot of money.  For example, an Ottawa landlord trusted a government program to help him find tenants and it led to thousands of dollars in damages.

Ottawa Rental Property Trashed, Landlord Loses Tens of Thousands of Dollars

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The landlord had a nice and clean and safe rental unit and he rented to the tenant the program recommended to him.  Soon after the Ottawa landlord found his property trashed.  The damages were in the tens of thousands of dollars and no one is there to help the landlord!

Toronto Landlord Has “Cool Guy” Tenant Who Won’t Pay Rent For Months and Manipulates the System!

There has also been a recent case of a tenant who many call a “cool guy” who has ripped off his Toronto landlord and owes thousands of dollars in rent. According to CBC News he’s a “cool guy” who knows how to speak sweet words and tell lies to get what he wants.

The Ontario System Isn’t Fair For Landlords

Let’s face it, the system isn’t fair for landlords in Ontario.  Evictions take months and sometimes years and we can’t even charge a damage deposit. Tenants are allowed to bring in pets even if the lease says “no pets” and tenants can make up fake repair claims to delay or even avoid evictions when they don’t pay rent!

ontario landlords marijuana

And now we face the very serious issue tenants legally smoking and growing marijuana in our rental properties.

Review of Ontario Landlord Knowledge

The Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault is a great resource to help landlords succeed.

It helps you every step of the way from finding the right property to how to market it successfully, to reading a credit report, to how to property end a tenancy to protect yourself and your investment!

It also helps for the “tough questions” landlords often have to answer. These questions include:

1. What is the best way to handle tenants who don’t pay rent?

2. How do you make your N4 effective to really get the eviction?

3. How do you deal with noisy tenants?

4. How do you handle tenants who are lighting up?

5. What can you do if your tenants are harassing you?

Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Review = A+

Become an “Expert Landlord” to level the playing field.  If your bad tenants think you don’t understand the rules they will eat you alive. Knowledge is power and you can make sure you become a successful and profitable Ontario landlord.

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