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Mississauga Landlords Will Need a License Beginning January 2, 2014

October 21st, 2013 · 1 Comment · Landlord Licensing

 Mississauga landlords must get a license

Many Mississauga Landlords Are Unaware of the New Bylaw

We’ve read a lot about Hamilton landlords fighting against “landlord licensing” in the past couple of months.

The City of Hamilton was prepared to create a new bylaw for residential landlords with rental properties of six units or less. Landlords there gathered together and educated the government why licensing Hamilton landlords was a bad idea.

Did you know landlords is Mississauga will need a landlord license to operate beginning on January 2nd, 2014?

We wrote about this before, alerting landlords about licensing.

It’s also been discussed on the Ontario Landlords Association website and on the City of Mississauga website called “Housing Choices.”


Mississauga held public meetings in 2012 to gather the public’s thoughts and ideas about second units in Mississauga.  People could also email their comments or fill out a survey online. 

Mississauga City Council approved a plan to permit second units on July 3th, 2013. The plan includes Official Plan polices and zoning regulations now in effect.

Are You Prepared to get a “Landlord License?”

Second units are part of the City’s new affordable housing strategy. Second units which will need a license include:

1. basement apartments

2. in-law suites

3. secondary suites.

Provincial laws in Ontario require municipalities to allow second units in homes and have policies for landlords to create legal second units.

How Can a Second Unit Be Legal?

Your rental unit must have a have a City of Mississauga license.

When Will the City Start Issuing Licenses?

The City will be issuing licenses after January 2, 2014. Second units will only be licensed if they comply with the Official Plan policies, zoning regulations, and Ontario fire and building code regulations.

To Discuss Landlord Licensing with other landlords go to the Ontario Landlord Forum

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