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Ex-Tenants Charged – Landlord Evicts Them, Police Find 40 Pythons in Brantford Motel

September 1st, 2013 · 7 Comments · Brantford landlords, Pets

Brantford Ontario tenants with snakes evicted

We all know the importance of renting to good tenants and avoiding bad tenants (who may also be dangerous tenants!)

What are good tenants?

First of all good tenants will pay on rent on time.

Second, they will respect you, other tenants, and your rental property.

They will also make sure not to undertake any dangerous behaviour that could put the health and safety of the landlord or other tenants at risk.

Bad tenants won’t pay rent. They won’t respect you, or other tenants or your property.

And they won’t illegally have 40 snakes in the rental unit.

Ex-Tenants Charged

According to a report on City News, police were recently called to a Brantford, Ontario motel.

A motel guest notified police he suspect a guest in another room at the motel had a lot of snake in his room with him.

Yes, snakes.

When police arrived they found the guests along with five young children (one was an infant) … along with 40 pythons.

The police found the snakes in plastic storage bins in the room. The snakes were in distress and not being taken care of property.

Against the Law

It is illegal in Brantford to own a python. It goes against the City bylaw.

What Does This Have To With Being a Landlord?

The guests who owned the pythons had gone out for dinner when the police came.

These guests / snake owners had recently been evicted from their rental unit.

After the eviction the landlord called police to tell them his ex-tenants had checked into the motel with the snakes.

Good Property Management

Successful landlords regularly check to know what is going on in their rental units. Regular inspections are part of good property management.

According to Darren Grandel, who is a senior investigator for the Ontario SPCA it’s very important to contact to contact the SPCA or a local veterinarian to see what steps are available to help your animals if you can’t take proper care of them.

To report any cruelty to animals please contact 1-888-668-7722 or via email at cruelty@spca.on.ca

Always make sure to provide property notice before doing any inspections or entering a rental property that has tenants.

To Discuss This And Other Landlord and Tenant Issues Go To The Ontario Landlord Forum

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