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Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Review

February 5th, 2018 · Latest News, Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault, Rent, Review of Ontario Landlords Association Membership, Tenants marijuana

Review of Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Help for landlords

Created by expert landlords and property managers the Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault is an important resource to help Ontario Landlords Succeed in a difficult environment

Mississauga landlords know how touch it can be a land these days.  Sure we have had some past successes such as getting rid of the expensive landlord licensing program. We all remember that stressful time when the City of Mississauga was demanding huge fees from us and the whole situation has thankfully blown over. Even with the Mississauga landlord license situation gone, landlords still have a huge amount of challenges in Ontario because the laws aren’t fair and balanced.

Bad Tenants Who Abuse The System

It seem like every week we read or hear about yet another story of a bad tenant causing landlords a lot of money.  For example, an Ottawa landlord trusted a government program to help him find tenants and it led to thousands of dollars in damages.

Ottawa Rental Property Trashed, Landlord Loses Tens of Thousands of Dollars

Ottawa landlords bad tenants 2018 1

The landlord had a nice and clean and safe rental unit and he rented to the tenant the program recommended to him.  Soon after the Ottawa landlord found his property trashed.  The damages were in the tens of thousands of dollars and no one is there to help the landlord!

Toronto Landlord Has “Cool Guy” Tenant Who Won’t Pay Rent For Months and Manipulates the System!

There has also been a recent case of a tenant who many call a “cool guy” who has ripped off his Toronto landlord and owes thousands of dollars in rent. According to CBC News he’s a “cool guy” who knows how to speak sweet words and tell lies to get what he wants.

The Ontario System Isn’t Fair For Landlords

Let’s face it, the system isn’t fair for landlords in Ontario.  Evictions take months and sometimes years and we can’t even charge a damage deposit. Tenants are allowed to bring in pets even if the lease says “no pets” and tenants can make up fake repair claims to delay or even avoid evictions when they don’t pay rent!

ontario landlords marijuana

And now we face the very serious issue tenants legally smoking and growing marijuana in our rental properties.

Review of Ontario Landlord Knowledge

The Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault is a great resource to help landlords succeed.

It helps you every step of the way from finding the right property to how to market it successfully, to reading a credit report, to how to property end a tenancy to protect yourself and your investment!

It also helps for the “tough questions” landlords often have to answer. These questions include:

1. What is the best way to handle tenants who don’t pay rent?

2. How do you make your N4 effective to really get the eviction?

3. How do you deal with noisy tenants?

4. How do you handle tenants who are lighting up?

5. What can you do if your tenants are harassing you?

Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Review = A+

Become an “Expert Landlord” to level the playing field.  If your bad tenants think you don’t understand the rules they will eat you alive. Knowledge is power and you can make sure you become a successful and profitable Ontario landlord.

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Ontario Landlords Association Advocacy – Thank You For Helping Us Change Mississauga Landlord Licensing!

July 15th, 2017 · Landlord Licensing, Landlords solutuions, Latest News, Ontario Landlords Association, Ontario Landlords Association Credibility

Ontario landlords association credibility mississauga landlord advocacy

Ontario Landlords Association ‘Advocacy Campaigns’ to Organize and Reach Out To Make Positive Changes for Good Landlords

The news at the Ontario Landlords Association site that Mississauga landlords no longer need to get a landlord license was met with a huge positive response from thousands of landlords in that City. 

We will let one of our Mississauga landlord contributors explain how she felt during the landlord licensing process and how she feels now. She wrote this post (and chose the picture and everything else.)

Her story is typical of how landlords in Mississauga appreciate the years of hard work the Ontario Landlords Association has done communicating landlord issues to governments, media and the general public and lobbying governments (often behind the scenes) with the goal of making positive change for small residential landlords in Ontario!

A Mississauga Landlord Story

I’m a small landlord in Mississauga Ontario. When we heard the news about the plan for the Mississauga City government plan to license landlords many of us wanted to know more.

We found the information was difficult to come by and no one was explaining how license would really affect our business.

We mean impact our rental business in a real ‘matter of fact’ way and not in the language of city bureaucrats. After all the government bureaucrats have nice big government salaries. They also have large guaranteed pensions, unions, legal protections at work, and paid vacation time.

Meanwhile, small landlords aren’t protected. And not only are we not protected, we have to deal with tenants who can abuse the Ontario system and rip us off.

Small Landlords Need a License?

The news about the Mississauga landlord licensing program was pretty shocking.

We posted at the Ontario Landlord Association forum years ago asking about the issue, wanting to communicate with other Mississauga landlords, and to let others know that if this was happening here, it could happen in other areas of Ontario.

Our post in the Members Forum was:

“This is a question for landlords in Mississauga and also important (we think) for the thousands of other members here from all over Ontario. We were told that we would require a license to continue to rent our basement out. Yes, really! It seems this rumour is actually true and I wanted to post here to discuss this important issue.”

The replies came fast and furiously.

Yes, Mississauga Landlord Licensing Is Coming

We quickly heard from other landlords in our area that the rumours were true.

Are They Serious About the High Fees?

The discussion turned to the details of getting a license. One of the biggest issues was the high fees the city wanted to charge us for the “honour of having a basement rental unit.” Give me a break, I though. And others agreed!

Should I Even Bother Renting Out My Second Unit?

Many people also thought about just leaving the rental industry altogether in Mississauga. After all, if we aren’t appreciated and they want to gouge us then we can quit and invest somewhere else.

There are lots of other places to be a landlord. For example, Newmarket landlords are saying their city is a great place to invest. Some people said they were thinking of investing in the United States, and others said they could buy in other provinces as Alberta landlords had a lot of rights and a fair playing field.

Mississauga Landlord Don’t Require a License Now!

This is terrific news. You don’t need a costly license, we now only need to be registered. We need to be registered to make sure our rental units are up to code and safe. I don’t have any problems with that. It’s great that finally landlords have a voice, we worked together, and bad policy was changed to help both good landlords and good tenants in Mississauga!

Ontario Landlords Association Communication and Advocacy for Small Landlords

On behalf of my fellow landlords in Mississauga we would like to thank the team at the Ontario Landlords Association through this difficult process. The OLA provided us with the information we needed, a way to network with each other, and we got the positive result we needed.

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Mississauga Landlords – Do You Have Your Landlord License?

January 4th, 2016 · Landlord License, Latest News, Ontario Landlords Association

 Mississauga landlord licence by-law enforcement

Mississauga Landlords – Is Your Basement Apartment Safe and Legal? Do You have Landlord License?

The news this summer about the Mississauga landlord licensing program was pretty shocking.

According to Mississauga.com only one (yes, that’s right… 1!) landlord licence had been issued by the City to a landlord in the first six months of the new bylaw.

This is despite the fact there are thousands of secondary suites and rental units in the city.

The report at Mississauga.com went on to say city of Mississauga staff are stating they are simply not receiving any applications from landlords to get a license.

We wrote about the need for Mississauga landlords to get a license before. The program started in January 2014 and is a way towards legalization and legitimizing secondary suites in the city.

If landlords don’t get a license they could receive a large fine and could lose their insurance coverage. This is a large price to pay when you can get a license for a yearly fee of only $500. If the landlord doesn’t live in the property the license fee is $1000 annually.

Mississauga by-law and enforcement staff have said neighbours and tenants can report an unlicensed basement apartment by calling 311.

Education and Information

In an effort to get the message out to Mississauga landlords there’s a terrific question and answer session between the Ontario Landlords Association and Mickey Frost, the director for enforcement for by-laws in Mississauga.

It’s a really helpful interview and a must read for all small residential landlords in our city.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Huge Fines If You Don’t Have A License

If a landlord doesn’t have a license for their second unit they can be charged and if they are found guilty the fines goes up to a whopping $25,000 for an individual landlord and up to $50,000 if the property is under a corporation.

2. Grandfathered Suites

You can’t grandfather your unit in according to the bylaw. You require a landlord license.

3. Annual Fee

Landlords are required to renew their license yearly.

4. Tenants Not Paying Rent

If tenants don’t pay rent it doesn’t mean anything towards your requirement to get a license.

5. Tenants Reporting Non-Licensed Units

This happens a lot to Alberta landlords in Calgary. They rent their basements to tenants and tenants often end up calling the city to report the landlords after they move out.

If any tenants call the city an Enforcement Officer will investigate and take action if the property is not property licensed.

Mississauga Landlords and Success

It’s important you go through the process to make your basement apartment legal. It’s also important to rent to good tenants by running credit checks on your tenants.

You can join the Ontario Landlords Association for a low one time fee (no annual fee!) and begin running premium credit checks for only $10/check to find good tenants.

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Review of Ontario Landlords Association Membership and Services

September 1st, 2014 · Latest News, Review of Ontario Landlords Association Membership

 Ontario Landlords Review Toronto Star Says Join The Ontario Landlords Association

Toronto Star Recommends Join a group such as the Ontario Landlords Association where after becoming a member, you can do a credit check for as low as $10, and use their supporting materials to assist you.

Mississauga landlords who read the Ontario Landlords Association homepage and forum know the importance of being a professional landlord.

What Does Being A Professional Landlord Mean?

There are several parts to it.

First, you need to be aware of the rules and laws to follow to run a rental property business. For example, in Mississauga landlords need to get a landlord license to be a landlord, even if you are just renting out your basement suite.

Second, it means owning a safe and attractive rental property that good tenants will want to rent.

Third, a professional landlord uses screens their tenants carefully including always running a credit check on their tenant.

Even in a business friendly province, Alberta landlords are running tenant credit checks.

And BC landlords are also using credit checks to avoid serial bad tenants who target small landlords.

Fourth, you will use proper leases and documents at all times. You can get these documents from the Ontario Rental Kit.

Fifth, after your tenants move in you are aware and follow the regulations and expect your tenants to do the same.

How Can I Become a Professional Landlord in Mississauga?

You can join the Ontario Landlords Association for a low one-time fee.

The Toronto Star recommends the Ontario Landlords Association

According to The Star landlords should:

“Join a group such as the Ontario Landlords Association where after becoming a member, you can do a credit check for as low as $10, and use their supporting materials to assist you.”

The Toronto Star is the largest newspaper in Canada.

What Does Joining the Ontario Landlords Association Give Me?

Lots, including:

1. Ontario Landlord Rental Kit

You get access to the Ontario Landlords Rental Kit full of all the premium documents you need.

2. Network with Successful Landlords and Investors

You get access to the Private Members forum where you can network and share tips and advice with successful landlords from across Ontario and even across Canada.

3. Landlords Have a “Voice”

By becoming a member, you become part of a large and fast growing group of landlords that gets the attention of government and the media.

4. Education for Landlords

You can access handbooks, manuals and even a complete CD series that explains things from how to market your rental property all the way to how to prepare to go to the Landlord and Tenant Board!

5. Premium Tenant Credit Checks for Low Members Prices

You can run premium Equifax credit checks for only $10/check from your own home computer! They take less than a minute to run and you ‘know who you are renting to.’

We Recommend Joining the Ontario Landlords Association

Become a member for only a low one time registration fee. That’s right, no annual fee.

It’s a deal that can’t be beat! Become an Ontario Landlords Association member!

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Mississauga Landlords – How Can You Avoid Bad Tenants?

June 27th, 2014 · Mississauga landlords, Ontario Landlords Association

Mississauga landlords bad tenants

Mississauga Landlords Tenant Screening – Tenants Murdered Their Landlord Because They Owed Him $1800 and He Was Evicting Them!

Toronto Star Recommends the Ontario Landlords Association to Rent To Good Tenants!

The news on Mississauga.com about a landlord who was murdered by his tenants who was evicting was shocking and horrible and important reading for all Ontario Landlords.

The two tenants had their rent checks bounced and owed the landlord over $1800 in lost rent.

So the Brampton landlord applied to evict them.

The Tenants Won’t Pay Rent They Owed

After bouncing cheques and falling behind on his rent, a broke Nurse was angry that Kumar was about to evict him, Poland told jurors.

Kumar had become, in Nurse’s words, “an annoyance”.

When people annoy me, they get got,” Nurse wrote in a BBM message to Plummer.

The only way Kumar had apparently “annoyed” Nurse was by attempting to collect the $1,800 in rent Nurse owed him

The tenants made a plan.

They texted each other saying they were “annoyed” this landlord wanted the money due to him.

They plotted to get rid of the landlord and make the eviction and the rent money “go away.”

They originally wanted to use a gun but texted that a “sharp” (knife) would do the job.

They called their small landlord to meet them. When he arrived they took out knives and killed him!

It’s a truly horrible story. It’s also a wake-up call for Ontario landlords to face the reality of what we face in 2014.

Being an Ontario Landlord Can Dangerous!

This is a wake-up call for all Mississauga landlords and Brampton landlords.

You need to make sure you rent to good tenants.

The Toronto Star Recommends the Ontario Landlords Association

And with good reason.

Always use tenant credit checks before handing over the keys to strangers.

As we see above, your tenants might be psychopaths so make sure you check them out carefully!

Review of the Ontario Landlords Association – the services they offer are amazing. You can start running credit checks and criminal checks to make sure you know who you are really renting to.

Mississauga Landlords

There are so many challenges for us in 2014.

For example, have you applied for your license yet?

According to many media reports very few Mississauga landlords have applied for their license.

Have you applied yet?

Why or why not?

You can read more about Mississauga landlord licensing our website site here.

Mississauga Landlords – Join the Ontario Landlords Association and Make Sure You Rent to Good Tenants!

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Landlords in Mississauga: How Much Can Your Raise the Rent for New Condos, Townhouses, and House in 2014?

March 19th, 2014 · How much can I raise the rent 2014?, Ontario Landlords Association, Rent

 business graph with arrow and coins showing profits and gains

Did you know you might be able to raise the rent without following the government guideline

Mississauga landlords started the new year on a positive note.

After all, our community is growing.

House prices are increasing and the vacancy rate is dropping compared to previous years.

We also have a growing economy and that means more renters are coming to our city. 

These are high quality people who come to our city to find jobs and raise their families.

They are ethical and hard-working and follow the rules. They want to rent for a few years and then buy their own homes. They might even want to be landlords in the future.

These are great renters for you and your rental properties!

Mississauga Landlords and Challenges in 2014

We also face challenges we must overcome.

For example, being on January 2nd the Mississauga government began to demand landlords get landlord licenses. 

You can see details on this at the City of Mississauga website.

We also discussed this and even had an interview with the City for more details to help landlords.

You can read the interview here.

You can only raise the rent by 0.8% in 2014

Landlords all over Ontario were shocked when we read the Toronto Sun interview Ontario Landlords Association members about how much residential landlords can raise the rent in 2014.

Most landlords agreed the rent increase guideline was far too low.

Some Ottawa landlords even discussed selling their residential rental properties.

They would then use their capital to invest in commercial rental properties where there is no government rent increase guideline.

It’s especially unfair because Alberta landlords can raise the rent to follow market rates without the government telling them what they can and cannot do.

Even British Columbia landlords are treated better by their provincial government. 

They can add an extra 2 percent to the rate of inflation for rent increases.This is because the government recognizes landlords have lots of extra costs to run their businesses in a professional manner.

You Might Be Exempt from the Ontario Rent Increase Guideline!

Most Ontario landlords are now aware there are clauses in the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) that allow some landlords to avoid the annual Ontario Rent Increase Guideline.

The Ontario Landlords Association has a great post on this.

For example if your property was built after November 1st, 1991 you don’t have to obey the Ontario rent guideline.

This is because the government wants to support the building of newer rental housing and encourage more people to become residential landlords.

Mississauga landlords was your condo, townhouse, house or building built after 1991?

If so you might be able to raise the rent as much as you want.

Take a look at the Ontario Landlords Association report called “How Much Can You Raise the Rent For New Buildings“.

It’s more excellent information for new landlords.

We highly recommend the OLA site.

They are an excellent resource for landlords as you can see by this Toronto Landlords Review of the Ontario Landlords Association.

How Much Are You Going To Raise The Rent in 2014?

Knowledge is power.

Did you know about this rent increase exemption before? 

Are you going to raise the rent by more than 0.8% in 2014?

Read more and discuss landlord and tenant issues at the Ontario Landlord Forum.

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Mississauga Landlords: Licensing and Secondary Suites

January 1st, 2014 · Landlord License, Mississauga landlords

 Mississauga landlords landlord licensing 2014

Starting this month you need a license for your secondary suite in Mississauga

It’s the New Year and it’s an important one for landlords.

As we wrote earlier, beginning January 2nd, 2014 Mississauga landlords need to get a landlord license for your secondary suites.

You read that correctly.

The new program starts tomorrow. Here’s what the bylaw states:

Effective January 2, 2014, all second units in Mississauga require a license under Second Unit Licensing By-law 204-13 to ensure they are safe.

Many Mississauga Landlords Are Unaware of the Licensing Plan

That’s right.

The City of Mississauga has some information on their webpage.

And you can read the actual Mississauga landlord license by-law on their site.

The Ontario Landlords Association interviewed government officials about landlord licensing and have a very helpful blog post that all Mississauga landlords should read to learn about landlord licensing.

Remind Us Of How This Came About

The Ontario Provincial government created a law require all municipalities in the province to create paths for landlords to legalize any second units in their homes.

We’ve seen some municipal governments use this as a way to propose landlord licensing as part of this path, such as what Hamilton landlords faced down last year.

It’s a growing trend there are now calls to license Ottawa landlords and secondary suites in places such as Windsor.

What Do They Mean By ‘Second Units’?

You can also call them:

1. Basement apartments

2. In-law Suites

3. Secondary Suites

On July 3rd of last year City Council approved of a plan for Mississauga landlords to create legal second units.

The new bylaw begins today and to have a legal secondary suite, basement apartment, on in-law unit in Mississauga you must have a license from the government.

Landlords Have Lots of Questions

We know.

We’ve seen the emails.

One of the most common questions is about fees and about investment rental properties.

Here’s the answer from the Ontario Landlords Association:


What are the fees if the homeowner lives in the house and rents out their basement compared to the owner not living there?


1. Owner-Occupied Property

If the owner lives in the dwelling, an application for a license for an owner-occupied dwelling can be submitted to the City.

The license fee for a second unit in an owner- occupied dwelling is $500 with annual renewal fee of $250.


2. Non-Owner Occupied Rental Property

If the owner does not live in dwelling, an application for an investment dwelling will need to be submitted to the City.

The requirement to live on the property only applies to the owner registered on title and not relations. The license fee for a second unit for an investment dwelling is $1000 with an annual renewal fee of $500. 

Mississauga Landlords and Landlord Licensing

Are you aware of the new bylaw?

Do you agree with the new bylaw?

Are the fees to get a license fair?

These are questions we will keep our eyes on and report back in later posts.

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Mississauga Landlords: Property Management

December 19th, 2013 · Landlord Licensing, Mississauga landlords

 Mississauga landlords property management

We have discussed how Mississauga landlords can find good tenants, now let’s talk about how to keep your tenants happy

As our city is growing and more opportunities arise more and more people are becoming Mississauga landlords and are doing everything it takes to learn more and succeed.

2014 is an important year for us as Mississauga landlords will require expensive licenses to become or continue as landlords renting out residential rental properties.

With Licensing The Stakes for Landlords Rise

Now that landlords will require expensive licenses the stakes have risen for Mississauga landlords.

Not only do we need to focus on finding good tenants, when we find them we need to know how to keep them renting from us.

Tenant Screening

We can see from reading at the Ontario Landlords Association that landlords all over Ontario continue to fall victim to predatory tenants.

These tenants know the Ontario Residential Tenancy Act by heart. They know every loop-hole and trick.

They also know how to manipulate the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board.

With the help of Tenant Duty Counsel, these bad tenants can avoid paying the rent for months on end.

It can take up to a year to evict them, and it will end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, landlords can now do high quality tenant screening and affordable credit checks to help weed out the bad tenants and find all the good ones out there.

Mississauga landlords know investing in good tenant screening is the key for success.

After all, one call from a bad, manipulative and clever tenant could lead to you losing your license and destroy your rental business.

Keeping Good Tenants

With the chance a bad tenant could lead to you losing your rental license and the time and patience required to find good tenants it’s important to become a superior property manager.

This means once you find good tenants you know what to do to keep them renting from you.

There’s an interesting post by Toronto Landlords on how to keep good tenants.

The landlord suggests buying Christmas gifts and giving them to your good tenants to show you appreciate them.

It doesn’t matter what religion they are, as gift-giving during this holiday is becoming popular around the world.

There’s a great thread at the Ontario Landlords Forum on the subject. You can even vote about what you think about giving gifts.

2014 Is An Important Year for Us

Mississauga Landlords know we face some big challenges in 2014.

Let’s get ready to face these challenges together. These are challenges landlords in British Columbia and Alberta landlords don’t face.

Let’s take on each and every obstacle that we face. Keep reading here because we are on your side!

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Mississauga Landlords Tenant Screening: Credit Checks

November 18th, 2013 · Credit Checks, Tenant Screening

 Mississauga landlords tenant screening credit check

With Licensing Coming in 2014 It’s More Important Than Ever for Mississauga Landlords To Do Proper Screening of Potential Tenants

In our last post we discussed the harsh reality of Mississauga landlords needing a license to operate.

We introduced our readers to the City of Mississauga information site called Housing Choices.

On January 2, 2014 if you are a landlord in Mississauga you will need to apply for and receive a license or your rental property could be shut down.

Tenants Can Call The City

Part of the landlord licensing program is tenants can call the city directly if they have any concerns about the safety of the rental property.

While most tenants are honest and if there are any maintenance issues they will contact the landlord and be cooperative while the landlord does the repairs (if needed).

There Are Bad Tenants Out There Too

We have also heard of many cases where tenants will attempt to gain control over their landlord by contacting the city first.

Instead of cooperating with the landlord, these bad tenants will attempt to give the landlord problems by getting the city involved.

We have seen examples where the tenants even make the damages, then call the city claiming won’t do repairs (even when they don’t even inform the landlord about the damages).

Under the Mississauga landlord licensing plan, tenants can contact the city to shut down a landlords rental property by making them lose their license.

Tenant Screening

While a minority, these types of tenants who want to shut you down and make you lose thousands of dollars and ruin your rental business do exist.

This is why it’s more important than ever for Mississauga landlords to do proper tenant screening to find good, reasonable tenants who respect you and your rental property.

Tenant Credit Checks

One aspect of good tenant screening is to always do a tenant credit check.

A tenant credit check will show you a tenant’s financial background.

A Tenant Credit Check Will Show You:

1. The tenant’s current and past addresses (so you can contact previous landlords)

2. The tenant’s current and past occupations,

3. The tenants loans, debts,  and if any collection agencies are chasing them

4. If the tenant has any small claims court judgments against them

5. The tenants “credit score” which is a way to judge their financial reliability

Tenants who pay their bills on time, respect businesses and creditors, and have a high credit score are usually people who are responsible.

You want responsible people to be your tenants

We’ve seen lots of cases of landlords lose tenants of thousands of dollars by not doing a tenant credit check before renting to a tenant.

Aren’t Tenant Credit Checks Expensive and Complicated?

They used to be.

Not anymore. You can become a member of the Ontario Landlords Association and begin doing high quality, affordable tenant credit checks in minutes.

Mississauga landlords, landlord licensing is less than two months away.

Find good tenants and protect your rental property with tenant credit checks as part of your tenant screening process.

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Mississauga Landlords Will Need a License Beginning January 2, 2014

October 21st, 2013 · Landlord Licensing

 Mississauga landlords must get a license

Many Mississauga Landlords Are Unaware of the New Bylaw

We’ve read a lot about Hamilton landlords fighting against “landlord licensing” in the past couple of months.

The City of Hamilton was prepared to create a new bylaw for residential landlords with rental properties of six units or less. Landlords there gathered together and educated the government why licensing Hamilton landlords was a bad idea.

Did you know landlords is Mississauga will need a landlord license to operate beginning on January 2nd, 2014?

We wrote about this before, alerting landlords about licensing.

It’s also been discussed on the Ontario Landlords Association website and on the City of Mississauga website called “Housing Choices.”


Mississauga held public meetings in 2012 to gather the public’s thoughts and ideas about second units in Mississauga.  People could also email their comments or fill out a survey online. 

Mississauga City Council approved a plan to permit second units on July 3th, 2013. The plan includes Official Plan polices and zoning regulations now in effect.

Are You Prepared to get a “Landlord License?”

Second units are part of the City’s new affordable housing strategy. Second units which will need a license include:

1. basement apartments

2. in-law suites

3. secondary suites.

Provincial laws in Ontario require municipalities to allow second units in homes and have policies for landlords to create legal second units.

How Can a Second Unit Be Legal?

Your rental unit must have a have a City of Mississauga license.

When Will the City Start Issuing Licenses?

The City will be issuing licenses after January 2, 2014. Second units will only be licensed if they comply with the Official Plan policies, zoning regulations, and Ontario fire and building code regulations.

To Discuss Landlord Licensing with other landlords go to the Ontario Landlord Forum

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